Back to the New Normal

We ran a strong campaign in Kitchener-Waterloo. Cathy starred at all-candidates' meetings, and was treated with respect and admiration by the media and the other candidates in the riding. There were dozens of new volunteers involved, and we had a great office space on Regina St. Canvassers were out in the rain and cold, and the campaign Team had fun doing community outreach events.

Waving Signs on Election Day

Are You an Undecided Voter?

If you are still unsure of how to vote on Monday, it may be that you are in the same position I was some years ago. No one was addressing the real issues of the day. No party seemed to have a platform that presented a vision for a modern, smart economy that creates new jobs and doesn’t rely on generating pollution to generate energy. I wanted something more than the usual “promises” and rhetoric that elections offer. Instead of giving up voting I turned to a new party, the Green Party.

Election Night Party!

Join Cathy MacLellan and her campaign team at the Chainsaw, 28 King Street North, on Monday May 2 starting at 9pm. Green beer, green food, and green fun -- it's all on tap as the polls close and results roll in. All volunteers and supporters are welcome!

Spread the Seeds of Change

All Greens -- young, old, and in-between -- are invited to join the K-W Green Party of Canada in spreading the seeds of change on Saturday, April 30, starting at 1pm in the campaign office, 10 Regina Street North.

We'll start from the office and branch out into the community trageting trails, parks and Uptown Waterloo, ending with a barbecue back at the office at 3pm.

Supporting the Knowledge-based economy in Kitchener-Waterloo?

To remain competitive nationally and internationally, we must recognize and value all aspects of a knowledge-based economy. A globally connected economy, making good use of information technology, new media, and computer networking, results in a collective intelligence that not only generates wealth but enables society to creatively deal with the complexities and challenges of the world today.

Why a Green Vote is not a Wasted Vote

5 Reasons to vote Green:

1. When people vote Green, they are making a strong and clear statement to the government that they want action on climate change -- that they want the environment to be part of the equation in policy making. No other vote states this in such a direct manner. No other party comes close to the strong action that Greens will push for. It is false to claim that I "take liberal votes". The results of the last election show that Liberal voters just didn't turn up at the voting booths.

Contempt of Parliament

Canadians should know that the defeat of the Conservative government was not a trivial matter. No government in the 54 member nations of the British Commonwealth has fallen on a Contempt of Parliament finding. It is without precedent in countries with a Westminster styled parliament.

Green Party Position on Support for Municipalities

The Green Party of Canada recognizes that while 80% of Canadians live in urban areas, only 8% of our tax revenues go to municipalities. This has created an untenable situation and increases citizen’s vulnerabilities to catastrophic events due to infrastructure failure, social unrest and an inability to meet the energy and transportation needs of communities.

Chronicle Question on Access to Primary Care

What role will you, as the local MP, play in ensuring that Waterloo residents have increased access to primary care?

My academic training in the health sciences prevents me from taking any kind of simplistic approach to the complex problem of delivering timely and quality access to primary care.

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