What I learned at Campaign School

This past weekend Green Party members and campaign teams from across Ontario (and a few from Manitoba!) had a chance to meet with GPC leaders Elizabeth May, Adriane Carr, Jim Harris, and Sharon Labchuk. We spent two days learning about how to run a strong campaign. The event was organized by Becky Smit.

I learned a lot of things about fundraising, working with the media, and promoting the GP message. But the three most important things I learned were these: 

1. The Green Party is full of smart, hard-working people who have great values. Green Party members have been really successful in doing politics the right way: using their smarts, and working overtime, they’ve shown people that we can have leaders and governments that share our values and support our aspirations for the earth, for our society, and for our communities and families.  

2. The Green Party is on the rise in the polls. People are responding to our message, our commitment, and our energy. 16% in the 905! wow.

3. Our leader is the savviest, funniest, all-around best leader in the world.

I’m sure I knew these things before, but the event really crystallized them for me. Thanks to everyone who helped organize, and we’ll see you again soon! ┬áv