I want my Canada Back

At each all-candidates’ meetings since the election began, Peter Braid has said that the Conservative government has introduced “the toughest regulations in the industrialized world” to deal with climate change and atmospheric pollution. Most recently, he said this in front of a crowd of senior citizens at Luther Village. In the audience, I (and all the candidates, from what I can tell) didn’t know what he’s talking about. I would like Peter Braid, on behalf of the Conservative Party and Stephen Harper, to explain what he means by this statement. I am not able to imagine a framework in which what he has said — repeatedly — could be truthful, although I have tried. Last I heard, Canada — Stephen Harper’s Canada — was at the top of the list in everything we don’t want as far as climate change goes.

If I am wrong, and Peter Braid is right, I will be overjoyed. I so want a Canada to be proud of, a Canada in which climate change is taken seriously and emissions levels are tackled and reduced. I want my Canada back. And the Canada I want will not led by a government that lies to me and my community about what it is doing about climate change — or anything else, for that matter.