More Than Voting

I began volunteering with the Green Party because I felt compelled to do more than vote. This election, if you’d like to have a greater impact, here are some ways you can help Cathy’s Green campaign.

Listed in order of greatest need (i.e. we need lots of canvassers!):

  1. Want exercise and good with people? We’re sending out foot canvassers to knock on doors to identify Green supporters and those who would like to talk to Cathy. Come by our office (405 King St. North, just south of Weber) with at least two hours availability at one of the following times: Weekdays at 2, 6 or 7 pm, Saturdays at 11 am or 2 pm and Sundays at 2 pm.
  2. Prefer to work from home? Join our effort to reach people by phone canvassing to identify Green supporters. You’ll need an internet connection you can use while calling. (You can come into the office to do phone canvassing, too.)
  3. Good at offering hospitality? Join our office managers, welcoming volunteers and visiters to our campaign office. Daytime and evening hours available, and we’ll do our best to pair people up to keep things fun.
  4. Love to cook? We’d like to make sure we can offer our volunteers refreshment after canvassing a poll or putting up signs. Bring a pot of vegetarian soup or a tin of cookies by the office, or sign up to do it regularly.
  5. Want to experience the momentum? On election day, Oct. 14, we will have a coordinated effort to Get Out the Vote (GOTV). Let us know if you can help make calls or drive people with limited mobility to their polls.
  6. Have a couple hours and a vehicle Oct. 15-16? Help us take down all our lawn signs.
  7. Enjoy getting about and have a vehicle? Help put up lawn signs.
  8. Like interacting with voters? Help staff our St. Jacob’s Farmers Market table on Thursday mornings or afternoons.