Platform Launch Today

The Green Party has a full and comprehensive vision for Canada. Don Drummond, former Assistant Deputy to Finance Canada, reviewed Vision Green and presented his opinion on it at our biennial policy conference in Toronto this past August.He gave it a B+ noting that the other parties get an F, because they present no vision or have not shared it.

Today we released the Green Party Platform. You can read it atĀ We are presenting something you can vote for: an economic, social and environmental vision for Canada.

The Platform provides a vision for a modern, smart economy that reduces the deficit, creates new long term quality jobs that don’t rely on generating pollution to generate energy.

We Greens love our country and want to pursue policies that create vibrant, well-educated and motivated citizens, living in healthy communities, eating safe and healthy food, and enjoying a life-giving, healthy natural world.

Read our platform, find a renewal of Canadian democracy and get inspired.