The future is going to be all about LRT not cars.

While acknowledging that LRT is an expensive endeavour it should be noted that all forms of transportation are going to be very expensive.

In 1990, oil cost $24.53 per barrel, in 2005, it was  $66.54 and today it hovers around $77.70 per barrel. World crude oil production has been flat from 2005 to 2010. More vehicles must compete for the same fuel supply. Adding non conventional supply like the tar sands will not make this commodity cheaper, it is very costly to change sticky bitumen into a usable oil product. This is the reality that we all must accept. It is fantasy to think that the average family will have 2 or 3 cars parked in their driveways in the not too distant future.

Responsible politicians will plan for a future where public transportation becomes the main mode for much of the population. People would be far more likely to make the transition from personal transportation to public via the LRT. More buses on the roads are not going to do the job, it may be a short-term solution, but LRT is the best way to meet the future.