There are Serious Implications to Not Voting

Circumstances change quickly today. Politicians are caught off guard. Never in our history has it been more important to vote for competent people who have the listening, organizational, moral and intellectual skills to handle governance in complex times. During campaigns, you can get a sense of whether you would trust their judgment. If you make a mistake you can correct it at the next election. Fortunately, all governments have a limited amount of time to prove they are worthy of the voter’s trust.

Our institutions are strong enough to withstand poor governance for a short period of time; if they weren’t, we would really be in trouble!

By not voting you give more power to those who do vote then they would otherwise have. Do these people deserve that? Do these people represent your views? In the last federal campaign, I learned a lot about why people vote. Sadly, tradition, what one’s spouse tells them, or fear often dictate how one votes.

When you vote, you are affirming democracy and then have the right to make politicians accountable.

Being informed is not a challenge today, but being confident that your decision is a good one is the tricky part. What’s required is the courage to act, but doing nothing has graver consequences.