Why a Green Vote is not a Wasted Vote

5 Reasons to vote Green:

1. When people vote Green, they are making a strong and clear statement to the government that they want action on climate change — that they want the environment to be part of the equation in policy making. No other vote states this in such a direct manner. No other party comes close to the strong action that Greens will push for. It is false to claim that I “take liberal votes”. The results of the last election show that Liberal voters just didn’t turn up at the voting booths.

2. Your vote is worth money to the Green Party of Canada and the KW Green Party association.

In the last election I received 12.1% of the vote. Having earned more than 10% of the vote, our local campaign received 60% of the money we spent on the ’08 election campaign back from Elections Canada. It was a nice nest egg on which to grow our support and enabled us to build toward the kind of campaign we are now running.

This reimbursement is what the “in and out” scandal is about. The Conservatives actually cheated the system, transferred money into local campaigns that was not spent locally, but enabled the local campaigns to receive a much higher reimbursement than they otherwise would have. That’s taxpayer money by the way. I am running to win this riding, but given the fear-mongering and aggressive liberal campaign to get my votes this time around I am working hard to maintain that 10% of the vote! I need your vote to win and I need your vote to get that 10%.

The Green Party of Canada, along with all other national parties, receives about $2.00 per vote. This is the most democratic way to support political parties; if you don’t earn a vote you don’t get the money. Again, with almost 1 million Canadians voting Green in ’08, we have received more than $1.5 million annually since ’08. A very small sum compared to the other parties it helps us be better organized, better able to get the Green Vision out to Canadians all year long. It supports staffing an office in Ottawa, having policy conventions, etc.

3. Having one or a few Green MPs can have a profound impact on the House of Commons. For example, in 2010, in Australia, it was the one elected Green MP and three independents that held the balance of power and it was their support that made Julia Gillard the Prime Minister. As support for the Green Party of Canada grows (and please note that in the ’08 election ONLY the Green party increased its number of votes) more of our policies will be adapted by the traditional parties.

4. Even if I do not get elected I am having an impact here in this riding. Every candidate is working hard for every vote and that is how it should be. I actually bet someone that having a strong Green campaign in this riding will increase voter turnout. This will work against the voter suppression tactics of the Conservatives.

5. Vote for the future you want. Feel good about your vote. Vote FOR something not against something.